Display cases
and Hygiene Units


S_ky is the new dispenser signed by Saratoga that adapts to the needs of every dental practice.

In the 1500- or 1000-mm version, it can contain modules for gloves, masks, cannulas, wipes, as well as soap, disinfectant (in the manual or infrared version), glasses and paper roll holders. It is possible to choose the position, type and quantity of modules until the internal space is exhausted. Available in standard version or with side holes.

Extremely compact and functional, S_ky can be made in all the colours of the Saratoga range

A classic display case with a wing door,
1000 mm or 1500 mm long with two internal shelves
A classic and modular display case. The configuration is customisable and allows the practitioner to have everything at their fingertips. It can be equipped with an electric or manual dispenser.
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