Classic Line

T400 – T500 – T600

TRE T has created a stunning new line of dental cabinets available in versions T400, T500 and T600.

The new designs are admired for the beauty of their shape and for the high quality of their materials, the result of an entirely Italian based process from initial design through to final production. All surfaces are finished by hand with craftsmanship precision and then powder coated with the utmost care. A wide range of accessories expands the configuration possibilities and helps meet each client’s requirements.

Cabinetry can be floor-standing, on feet or suspended: TRE T is there for you to choose your ideal arrangement to create the perfect dental office.



Hygiene, practicality and flexibility concentrate in this brand new trolley line



Ergonomics is the guiding principle of the TRE T sterilization project, as it is designed to be used standing up.

Height, length, width and shapes are carefully designed to ensure maximum comfort of use.

The body of the cabinet may be provided with a separate plinth, or feet. The work plan is deep to ensure a better hold.

The construction solutions are also self-supporting: the wall units do not need to be fixed to the wall.